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A few fundamentalists planned an attack “Act of Terrorism”, 100(s) died.

A secural democratic country declared war against them by coordinating an attack “Strike – Act of Retaliation”, 1000(s) killed.

I’m not interested to know what is right or wrong, all I want to ask is Who’s WRONG.


Distance is a perception of a fatigued mind, the lesser you want to travel the farthest the destination is.

“Technology that made human Efficient;  Redundant & atlast Cheap”

With time we all have slowly and gradually progressed through this stage. People who were associated with creating / inventing these tech feasts never imagined the world they are set to create. Nevertheless it has indeed happened.

I think people who have lived through or at least read about the last 4 – 5 decades would know how technology made us efficient by giving a different standard of living, reducing cost that was the 1st wave.

2nd wave they started replacing human workforce. Profits increased by managing defects and increasing productivity.

And the most recent of all 3rd wave:

Bunch of codes connecting people (incl. spammers, hacker’s) “Japanese Internet Giant Rakuten Acquires Viber For $900M. Feb 13, 2014” .

Crazy fans, die hard supporters “AC Milan -Team Value  $945 M (€745 M)”

So what is our worth? It is as questionable as this very moment.
Would I be able to voice out without this technology in my hand.

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